Our company was founded as a domestic private engineer office in 1994.  The company started as a company office and transformed to a liability limited company in 1997.  Our activities are planning, managing and consulting for projects of civil engineering, environment protection, water management and these related fields.

Since much special engineering expertise relates to our main activities (geodesy, soil mechanics, water technology, sewage technology, etc.), a cooperative team was formed in the base business during our operation.   The team supplies its service with outstanding professional skills and reliable references.

The owners and employees of the company are highly educated and have more than 35 years professional experience in planning, constructing, advising, official and settlement area – with VIZITERV, water business planning company, with TRVV, Tisza regional water works, with NAA, county plant protection and agrochemical station, with KÖTIKÖVIZIG, central Tisza region water business management and other public and private planning and contractual companies.  The owners and employees of the company regularly participate in national vocational training courses, presentations, workshops, exhibitions and conferences to improve their professional skills.

The company’s activities have formed business ars-poetica which are categorized into two main ideas through the experiences.

As the first element of our ars-poetica, we beleive that the first task of a planner is to plan which reflects the clients’ requirements and is financially reasonable, acceptable and technically best for clients’ benefits.  Through the activities, the company has paid special attention to good relationship with each representatives involved in the projects, but the primary goal is to fulfill clients’ needs and wishes professionally and reasonably as much as possible.

As the second component of the ars-petica in projects, we affirm that it is not enough for us to just implement the contract with the clients.  We consider it important that we could assist clients and give appropriate professional support to them in the implementation of the project.  Through the implement of projects, we try to contribute not only to our clients’ interest but also to our company itself by gaining knowledge and experience.

The owners of Plantor Ltd., József Cifka and Klára Cifkáné Huszai are the founder members of the Jász -Szolnok County Chamber of Engineers and they have unlimited qualifications as water construction planners and technical supervisors.

The Plantor Ltd. is a member of Hungarian Consulting Engineers and Architects (FIDIC), the Hungarian Association.

The company is insured by planners’ liability insurance at Allianz Insurance Company.